About Milntown

The Estate is owned by the Milntown Trust established under the terms of the Will of its previous owner and benefactor - Sir Clive Edwards. There are currently four Trustees: Chair, Charles Guard, former Administrator for the Manx Heritage Foundation, Anne Craine, former MHK and Treasury Minister, Mary Williams, the Isle of Man's former Chief Secretary and Jeremy Walton, Advocate and a Director of Cains Advocates Ltd.

Our Business Manager is Janeen Whiteway.

Our Events and Marketing Administrator is Sophie Stoutt.

Our Accounts and Customer Service Administrator is Julie Buckross.

Our Gardens are managed by Adam Quayle. He is assisted by a wonderful team of gardeners - Liam Faragher, Nathan Jackson and Tom Wood.

The Milntown Café is managed by Peter Duggan, and our fantastic team of chefs and front of house staff.

We also have a wonderful team of volunteers who help with the House, Gardens and Vehicle Collections.