The House

The Christian Family lived at Milntown from at least the early 16th century and parts of the house date from that period. During the seventeenth century extensive alterations and additions were made. After this period the Christians moved to Cumberland and let the house out to tenants, but in 1830 Deemster John Christian returned to live in Milntown after having the mansion house redesigned, much of which is as appears today and as shown in this photo.

Following the death of William Bell Christian in 1886, the house was run first as a private school by his widow, Vio, and their two daughters, Rita and May; and then as a hotel. It reverted to be a family home when Charles Peel Yates (of Yates’ Wine Lodges) bought it in 1947.

The interior of the house is as decorated and furnished by Lady Edwards and her son Sir Clive prior to his death in 1999 but there are still many features dating from Deemster Christian’s 1830 refurbishment and earlier periods. The front of the house includes the coats of arms of The Christian Family and that of Sir Clive Edwards and is in the Gothic Revival style and dates from the early 1830s.


The Hall

As far as we know The Hall formed part of the old house and was probably made up of several rooms on two floors.  It is thought that the southern section of the House was added during the refurbishment in the 1830s.  Unfortunately, no plans or images exist of how the house looked prior to the 1830s refurbishment, it is said that the daughter of John Christian, Isobella, burnt many of her father’s papers upon his death, which may have included such plans and images.

The Library

It is likely that The Library existed during the time of the Christians, however, it was restyled with the inlaid bog oak panelling during the 1830 gothic restoration. The Library has recently been refurbished in the style of Deemster John Christian.


The Dining Room

This room was redecorated after 1975 following the death of Lady Edwards.

The Drawing Room

The Drawing Room forms part of the additions to the original house made by John Christian in the 1830s.  None of its furnishings relate to the 1830s and the Christian era because the Estate was declared insolvent in 1886 when William Bell Christian died, and the property was taken over by the Law Life Insurance Company.

Lady Edward's Apartment

These rooms were used by the late Lady Kathleen Edwards, mother of Sir Clive. They remain as she left them.

The Green Bedroom

The Green Bedroom has historic significance in that this is the room where it seems generations of Christians were born and died!